Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hardees or Biscuitville: The Best Ham Biscuit

I haven't had this much anticipation since my last third date with a girl.  I woke up and lept to my feet knowing that this would be the day of the ham biscuit hoedown.  I skipped my usual english muffin for breakfast, I wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for some delicious ham biscuits.  I bought the biscuits from Hardees and Biscuitville, then had to drive with the delicious aroma of ham in my car for about twelve torturous minutes so I could do my review.  Here is what they looked like coming out of the bag:

Hardees left, Biscuitville right
And here is the tale of the tape:

Hardees - This was a yummy biscuit.  It had a bold ham biscuit flavor, maybe because of the higher sodium content.  I didn't like the slightly crunchy consistency of the outer biscuit, and it was almost to the point of being unsatisfactory.  But, I got past that, and got into the ham.  The ham itself appeared slightly fattier, more marbled, and greasier than the Biscuitville ham, but those differences produced a superior ham flavor.

Biscuitville - This was also a yummy biscuit.  However, both the biscuit and the ham looked and tasted drier.  The ham flavor was not as bold as Hardees.  You will see in the above tale of the tape though, that this is a 'healthier' ham biscuit.  When not being compared to another, fattier biscuit, the Biscuitville biscuit is quite acceptable.  And, the drive thru is something to behold; it runs like a finely tuned machine.

Conclusion - The Hardees biscuit has superior taste, although I wish the outside of the biscuit wasn't quite as crunchy.  The Biscuitville biscuit is quite acceptable and is healthier.  But, for the relatively small difference either biscuit would make in a person's weekly nutritional intake, the healthfulness of the Biscuitville biscuit is not enough to overtake the Hardees biscuit.
Hardee's, I crown thee king of the ham biscuit.

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